10 things dogs hate

I really liked this article because most people don’t even realize what dogs like or dislike - and it gave me a great idea for a thread here.http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/pets … ocid=edgsp


This was a good article. I did not know that they disliked big hugs, or that walking without stopping to explore annoyed them so much.Our dogs get to go for a swim in the dam every afternoon every day in summer, they spend half the time sniffing for lizards and toads in the reeds and overgrowth and get bored fast without this. It is good that they do do this though because they scare of all the snakes (A Lot!) and even though we often get a snake head popping up right infront of our nose it is already so startled and so it swims off instead of attacking. Where as if they hadnt scared it off it would have been sitting in the reeds where we walk and we may well have been bit many times.

As in all things pertaining to animals it really depends on the dog. My dogs love hugs and they not only like them they demand them every day, several times as a matter of fact.

I really do not know about hugs… I don’t hug my dogs. I pet them, kiss them, scratch their bellies, the base of their tails, their ears, etc. but I don’t hug them. It seems to me that what mine like best is to lay down on top of me -even the big ones that end up giving me a cramp

I don’t hug my dogs as a general rule as for the most part they seem to feel trapped and constrained by this, but when they initiate the hug, then I am not opposed to giving them a hug. And that is what has happened with the three that I now have.