2,245 parrots in one van!

The story is not so much about the parrots but about the fact that they also found a lion cub in the van which they were trying to smuggle into Ukraine but 2,245 birds in cages in a single van?! If nothing else, this clearly illustrates the fact that people that buy and sell don’t really care at all for the poor animals!http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation- … 44378.html


Maybe the lion cub could be a victim of smuggling but the parrots I’m not sure. After all there was a huge sign on the side of the van saying it was a live animal transport, with pictures of parrots on it.That is a bunch of parrots though.

No, the parrots were ‘legal’ because they had papers for them while not for the lion but my point was that how could you possibly transport over 2,000 birds in one single van comfortably? It’s impossible! The poor things must have been terribly crowded and stressed out…