43 Green Cheeks Rescued from Flipper

https://www.gofundme.com/43greencheeksThis is a fundraiser for a rescue that I’ve been following on Facebook. Have been seriously considering entrusting Lemon and Clover to them. As I’ve stated numerous times, the only reason I’ve been able to give Fajr the care he needs is because the whole family pitches in. With these two, however, the whole family is no pitching in attention-wise, only food/water/newspaper-changing-wise. Seeing as the rescue has their hands EXTREMELY full right now though, we will continue trying our best with Lemon and Clover until this settles down.

Where are you?Another member of the forum may want Lemon and Clover. Because they can read about the personalities, a member would have a better adjustment time.

What happened? I thought the girls were working with them, this is disconcerting.

Yes, basement breeders are terrible, terrible people and there are sooooo many of them! The problem with these little species is that they become fashionable and everybody and his grandma wants one but, as time goes by, you end up with soooooo many in the market and with sooooooo many given up that the glut appears. All you have to do is check CL and you’ll see, lot of plets, tiels, budgies, GCCs there and quite a number of IRN’s too - and, in a couple of years or so, we will see lots and lots of beebees and karakiris, too.I had a feeling this would happen to Lemon and Clover because the greatest majority of children simply do not have the attention span required for parrot keeping… But, please, don’t put them in a rescue, find a good home on your own.

https://www.facebook.com/marieacharon^This is the facebook page of the woman who runs the rescue. She’s frequently posting about progress with the birds. I will post about Lemon and Clover in the thread I have for the three birds

Thanks for the heads up on this, we do need to raise awareness of the conditions of the birds and the rescues that are struggling to provide for them.

An update: One of them picked fights with all of the family units, and so he was taken out and it seems he’s a pet-- much more comfortable snuggling with the lady who runs the rescue instead of being around a flock.

If they are all set loose in the same room the families will get together again. max, Jackie tweet and retweet came as a family and stayed together even in the flock.

Liz, they were not tame and were very fearful of humans, and so getting themback into the cages would have taken a while as well as caused a mess and taken time away from the other rescue birds. That’s a guess, I haven’t been able to go down to the rescue yet.

shiraartain , may I ask where you are located?Please give someone here a chance before a rescue.