A Book of Disney Pictures

I made a book from some of the pictures I have of Disney. Of course Munchy is his screen name as Disney is not appropriate. Let me know what you think. I actually have many vertical pictures but they did not fit in the format I was allowed for a picture book. I tried to make it simple to read for young readers and hope that some will realize parrots are not the easiest of pets to have.http://www.blurb.com/b/4946159-munchy-a … rce=widget Lets hope this link works

Also I am not putting this here to sell it, I do not have a mark up price so can not make any money off of it. I do plan on getting the e-book made and that I will charge 5 dollars for and hope someone will buy that when ever I get it done. But that is not here so this is not a promotion of a product. I am more looking for opinions, although I have edited it a few times and think I am settled on this version.

Nice pictures! And the link worked fine for me.

Sounds like a good idea. I will have a look when I get access to a computer.

I just received two hard copies in the mail. The one of Disney pictures and one from my trip to Russia. They look great. And I substituted at an elementary school yesterday and showed the book about Disney/Munchy to her, she loved it and wanted to have it in her library so I gave it to her. I just wish I knew how to actually get them published.

I saw the pre-view, looks very cool!

What a wonderful job from what the preview will show. The pictures are so bight and colorful. They will surely attract the eyes of the young reader as well as the older one too~