A Childhood favourite :)

hey there parrot lovers. the other day when I was up in sydney for christmas, I went shopping with my aunty and we were in the dvd section and I saw a DVD called Pauli. Some of you may have seen this film, but if you haven’t, it was one of my favourite movies as a child and I was so happy to purchase it. basically it’s about this parrot, some kind of conure I think? It’s a story about how he travels around the world trying to get back to his beloved first owner who is a little girl named Marie. it’s a great family movie, and might I add, Pauli can talk. yes a very intelligent bird, I was watching it tonight and I just thought some of you and your feathered friends might enjoy watching it. he really is a cute parrot. so the film is called Pauli, please post if you have seen it and tell me how you liked it. I personally think it’s a very funny, heart touching story.

Yes, that film is VERY good! I love it! I watched it on bbc2 as they were playing it for Christmas and it is very good, I just watch it over and over again. I love the bit where they dance at the taco stand

dont worry about the above post its just an advertisement spam post, and yes i loved paulie as a kid i still own my vhs copy

I like that movie because, unlike lots of other bird-related movies today, the plot doesn’t revolve around the owners trying to set free a tame captive-bred bird! Ugh! Those movies drive me CRAZY! Instead, Paulie is about the relationship between bird and human and how that relationship can be a loving and intellectual one.