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This may be a little to long but I have a few things to say LOL. I just received my training perches from Michael. And they are just what I was hoping for. I will tell you this they are well worth the money. I also bought two travel cages. And have started to take the flock outside for some sun. We are still in the 70’s here. I will tell you this for the past week every other day I have been taking the guys out for some sun. I give them about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. And they are really starting to like going out. When they come in from being outside they are so relaxed and clam. I do believe that getting some sun has really helped them out. Also I got them a cd player so they can have some music while I get some sleep. It took me a whole day to play different music to see what they would like. All of it was soft easy listening music. But some of it they would scream like they didn’t like it. some they would start to chatter to. And some they just would be quite to, and play with their toys. I am still working on their room but it’s coming together nicely.
birdroom1 004.JPG
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		 CD player and air purifier		
		 Travel cageas		
	 Just thought I would share have a great day    


Looks like it is coming along quite nicely, and you sound like you are having loads of fun.

Real good job, Tman! Kudos to you for all the improvements in their lives!

I am just having a blast! These two are so much fun. I still have a few more ideas before it’s done all the way.

Welcome to the ‘never enough’ club! You should see what my husband says about my never been satisfied with the parrots living conditions…