A new addition: Shreky

Ill start by saying that Shrekie is a Yellow Scaly cross Rainbow Lory I would guess she is atleast 2 years old, very clingy and has a cage fright.I got her from the ‘bird park’ yesterday. Anyways here is as much of her story as I know:A lady who worked at the mines got her (fom who knows where), and has had her clipped probaby scince she got her, she thought Shrek was a boy untill she laid eggs and was then changed to Shrekie or Shrekina. The lady decided she didnt have enough time for her and gave her away to the bird park around Sep last year, I volonteered the day after she arived and of course thought she was adorable. Any way, Shrekie liked one of the lovely volonteers, and If I tried to touch her when she was on the volonteer my fingers would disapear . A month after Shrekie arived her favourite volonteer left and then Shrekie wouldnt leave me alone. The owners changed at Christmas and she never got attention from the new people, only me each Wednesday if they let me let her out… seeing as her clipped primaries have pretty much molted out. On Tuesday they had shoved all their mutated lories into a cage together. All these rainbow mutations shoved in with a very nasty chattering lory, and others such as a black capped, cinnamon, and other rainbow mutations. I didnt like this, nor did the old owners, so they talked to the new owner about letting me have it (I was prepared to par for her) and then he just came up to me and just asked if I wanted it. Of course I said yes, I absolutely loved this birdieHabits: Very very clingly, I pretty much have to take my shirt of to get her of, i bend over on my knees so as she flips upside down and can go onto the floor, and she will just lie their upside down clinging to my shirt. She HATES cages, I dont know how or why this came along in her life but probably she was left in the cage for long periods of time. She is very bad at sharing ‘her human’ with another bird and will atack much bigger birds (eckies even) to defend the person she is on. Attacks people when they try to take her off the person she is on.I am going to be working with her allot to try and smooth out these problems, but I am determined not to let it destroy my bond with Tilly, who is annoyed at me right now because she can hear Shreky coming from my room(where Im quarantining her). I will not let it interfere with my time with Till-Bill, but rather the tine I spend sitting on my butt after doing everything I need to do, and have held Tilly for a while, I will then hold Shrekie. Tilly is a little bit stressed from the noises of the new birdie, so I will keep a very close eye on her If Shrekie causes a problem for Tilly I just cant let that be and will have to find a better home with no birds… or with lots. Anyway other than that, she is settling in well, and I am trying to show her that going in the cage isnt that bad, because she will always come out. I have bought her wet and dry formula and all is going good.Sorry for such a long blob of words, thanks for reading

Very interesting chain of events and now know why you posted asking about their diet. I don’t know much about this species of parrot. I do know that it is recommended that they have both the wet and dry nectar mixes and that they need a lot of fruits and vegetables with barely any seeds at all as they have problems with digesting most seeds. That is about all I know about them, we do have a few members that have lories and hopefully some of them will post and help you.

Awww, poor, poor baby! What a rough life she’s had so far! Thankfully, her lot will improve immensely now that she is with you!I’ve never had lories so, in truth, I am not saying this out of any personal experience but just to drop my two cents, but it seems to me that taking into consideration their wild diet, if I had one, I would not feed it a dry mix.

Ok, going to share some pictures now, sorry some are of toys (lol I got allot for a reasonable price I think!)… but I havnt really had a chance to get a good picture of her… Pluss she does not sit still!

		 The new cage and new birdie. (It is the same cage as Tilly has)		
		 Shrek on my shoulder at the bird park		
		 K, time to brag about everything I got, Everything here + one extra heavy duty ball (It is in Tillies cage thats why its not in the pic) and the perch in the next picture.. $26.85... I think based on the enjoyment they will get from the bell toys (I had not seen them at any shop till today) that I got a good deal!		
		 I am pretty sure this is the perch Wolf recomended? Dement with a 'bubly' and smooth side? It looks the same anyway!		
	Lol Excuse my spelling mistakes, I always stuff it up when I try to fix the captions though! Pic 3: Tilly's not Tillies and Pic 4: Cerment not Dement    Anyway! Isnt she a cutie!?

Indeed, she is a cutie. The perch is a different brand and appears to be a little rougher on the textured sides but is basically the same.

Yes, she is! And I bet her colors will look 100 times better after a while under your care!

Wolf wrote:Indeed, she is a cutie. The perch is a different brand and appears to be a little rougher on the textured sides but is basically the same.Pajarita wrote:Yes, she is! And I bet her colors will look 100 times better after a while under your care!Thankyou both!

Sorry, two more pictures this is another thing she likes to do! Come up to you and roll over and chew something or get a pat on the stomach

Be careful with the petting of the stomach, it’s an erogenous zone.