A problem with a Blue Front Green Amazon

Hello , so i have a big problem with a blue frontie… I work at a pet store for like 2 months now and theres an amazone there . I noticed he wasnt rly friendly so i decided to work with him every day , but i am really worried that he is so agressive towards people… So hes 3 years old , he used to let everyone pet him like a year and a half then he got away and was caught with a towel or something and since then he is rly afraid of someone touching him… and when i started working there was this guy who also worked there , he used to take like two pens and just freak the birdy out and he shaked his cage and i was feeling rly bad for the poor bird , i couldnt say anything to him cuz he said he doesnt care what i told him… he quit the job like 1 month ago (im glad).So Roko (the bird) is now spending time with me or at least i spend time with him . I work 2 on 2 so i cant be there every day but ive managed to somewhat gain a certain level of trust in him. He cant speak , but he imitates me so i taught him a few whistling sounds thats good right? that he imitates me? So he grabs my finger with his foot but thats all he wont let me touch him at all… and i think hes scared that ill grab him or something cuz he grawls and starts attacking me when i get too close , but he takes food from my hands… its weird… he also didnt like baths cuz the guy i told u about used to spray him rly hard and he was unhappy when given a bath but yesterday he showed off his wings he wasnt letting me to stop spraying water and he looked as if he was really enjoying it for the first time ever. Also he used to go crazy at 8 pm and start screaming and making noise but now he just whistles to me in the way i taught him and wants my attention… i dont know what to do. If anyone could tell me what kind of methods i can use on him to socialise better pls help me , i really want to make his life a little less depressing since they dont let him out of the cage … and no one pays attention to him so i want to give him the socialisation he needs… Thanks alot

It sounds like you have the feel. You are making progress. Other than you taking him home I just don’t know.Grabbing a finger is a way of trying to push you away. When I got mine and they did that I turned it into play. I would shake the foot and say “pretty bird pretty bird ha ha ha”. Instead of trying to push me away they would raise their feet for me to say it and shake hands. If you teach him a simple phrase he will be drawn to it.

Yes i do that whenever he does shake my finger i tell him good boy or bravo , he really is making progress , im just not sure how to get him to overcome the touching part . He gets really agressive then… and i would take him home in a gif but hes kinda too expencive for my pocket Thanks for the replay ill try my best to do what i can… i really want him to not be scared of me and he really likes it when i play music for him , he digs the guitar sounds i stay beside his cage and he sings along or at least makes random noises when the music starts

thats little Rocko <3

All you can really do is keep doing what you’re doing and move ahead at his pace. If you can get him to let you scratch his beak, he might warm up to being touched. I can get most of the birds at the pet shops back home to let me pet them, and I always started by scritching their beaks. I can even get the Senegal at one of the pet shops where I am now to let me pet him, and he tries to bite everyone else. He tried to bite me at first too, for that matter.Just make sure to pay attention to his body language and only to make a move on his terms. It sounds like you’re doing great already, and I’m sure he’ll warm up to more physical contact eventually. Keep it up.

Thanks for the suggestions but im a bit scared of him biting me when i try to scratch his beak… i know im not supposed to show him fear so i dont like scream and pull my hands away when he grawls but i am a little scared of the fact that he can bite my finger off :smiley: its something i think we both need to overcome ill post some more pics of him when i get the chance i heard it was good to try and pet him with his own feather which turned into a big failiure… but today i did wiggle a lock of my hair and he kinda took it for a dangerous thing at first but then he started grooming me :smiley: it felt so funny he doesnt mind when my hair touches him so i just hope he doesnt give me an unwanted haircut soon cuz im gonna keep doing it

I think it is great you are helping this bird. It is too bad that jerk did those awful things to him…why work in a pet store if you do those kinds of things? Would the owner of the store let you take him home for awhile? I mean nobody will buy a bird like that and if you could make him more social then it will only increase the possibility of the bird being sold right? I have a friend who "took" a parrot home for awhile…the poor thing started pulling out his feathers and now he is looking so much better…she is soon taking him back to the store…Just an idea. Good luck

Hey dressy, that’s an Orange Wing Amazon not a Blue Front

I have some bad news … theyre moving me to the bigger store and the birdy is again going to lose his social skills … we were doing so great but i dont think the people who are going to work there now are going to pay that much attention and socialise him patiently as i did… but lets hope i can make our boss move him with me to the other store … I cant take him home i dont think they`ll let me but i hope he does get a home soon cuz i feel rly bad for having to leave him now i dont want him to feel abandoned like he was alot of times by alot of people… Lets just hope thigs will work out for him ill try my best