A quick update to you all---

Hi everyone again :3 I have missed being able to talk to you all, but life has just been so crazy I have not been able to get on here (you are probably thinking that Tilly and Shrek must not be getting enough time, but they are getting 4-5hours a day each-- just I am doing things always while holding them, so Till will usually go and hang with my brother instead (which means I can give shrek more time too .) We have non stop visitors right now, as it is that time of year, and I have endless awfully hard English exams (and pretty much every other subject) also we have been needed to helping out volunteering more than often now for quite a few reasons. I am sorry guys and I really hope I can get on here soon often again to tell you all of my babies progresses and stories, and here about your lil’ guys— Tilly and Shrek are doing fabulous, lighting schedule is corrected and it took a while but with this and some tips I tried also from a crazy bird lady I met IRL (woa I should probably share the good ones I used out of them) they are a lot less hormonal, and calmer. —Ok this ladies tips were1. Take Shreks bottom paper out, (I dont know if I told you all but she was nesting under it clucking like mad trying to get me into her 'nest’2. Reduce the sugar intake, her idea was that the reason they were mating us so often was because they have all this energy from high sugar foods, and because they cant fly the same way wild birds can (despite being unclipped, the walls are limiting there flight) so they have all this added energy so they revert to mating us… She gave us some ideas to get a lower sugar diet (reducing seed intake and nectar and fruit, and then putting in much more sprouts and veges) which i have tried. I dont know what was the trick, because I had them on the correct lighting for a week (still am on it ) and they still were hormonal, so I also did the two steps I wrote about above, and about a half week later saw soen progresses in behaviors. I took some nice photos yesterday, (turns out Shrek is scared of the camera (IDK, when or how this has happened), so I only got one of her)!!! Will post the photos once I get them tranfered to my Ipad <3Thankyou everyone

Beautiful bird. I do miss your input but do understand that the little time you have to spare would be used for your bird instead of posting to us.I have a work and stress overload right now so Rambo and Myrtle get most of my attention by just hanging on me to help me with my chores and talking in my ear all the while. I am loosing a little ground with the Cockatiels since I have not taken the time to sit and be social to them. They are not lonely because they have each other.

I am glad things are working out for your birds and don’t worry about not coming here because of not having enough time (we all know how things can get pretty complicated every now and then).Just a clarification: changing the light schedule doesn’t fix things right away. It takes months and, sometimes, a few seasons for their endocrine system to go back on track (I once took in a 9 year old female lovebird that had been a breeder all her life and it took an entire year for her endocrine system to get completely attuned to the seasons). This is not only because hormone production is never and on and off thing, it’s always gradual, but also because even when they stop producing the sexual hormones, they still have them in their bloodstream so even longer time is needed for them to completely dissipate. But diet is also a trigger for breeding so reducing protein and carbs is part of the ‘system’.

All the pictures are wonderful, but that middle one is just amazing. Really captures the delicacy and beauty of feathers. And the sleepy little eye… precious.

Thankyou all so much, I had read the comments before now, just had not gotton around to a reply I have some mor pictures + news I am hoping to share…

galeriagila wrote:All the pictures are wonderful, but that middle one is just amazing. Really captures the delicacy and beauty of feathers. And the sleepy little eye… precious.Thankyou!! I actually plan to get it printed onto glass to put on my wall, my whole room is bird themed atm

Oh dear, a few weeks ago we hasd two suprises from Shrek, 2 eggs (two days apart)… She quickly abandoned them, and really was the WORST mother ever, (as in she would play with her eggs with people like a wiffle ball).I have kept a close eye on her, she is acting totally normal still.A week ago Dad brought home this guy–

		This is Loki the butcherbird-- broken wing--			image.jpg (55.62 KiB) Viewed 3687 times
	now we have to make the hard choice, keep him ilegally and try and tame him anps a pet, leave him to the wilderness or take him to the vet where he will, by law kill it.(98% of all wildlife brought in must be terminated assuming the vet is doing their job correctly) .The day after this we brought home this gal, who we have named Zoella, from where I volunteer. She was laying down, head down, limp. They didnt want to take her to our awful local vet, and were too short in staff to take her on a big 6-8hour drive (one way only) to an avian. They were giving up saying she would just have to die more or less, and so we said we would take her and that way atleast she could be closely monitered. she can now walk, climb, cling on, flap her wings, preen and eat by herself, however she dosent drink on her own and needs to be spoon fed water still. When we take her back if the owners dont think she is in a good enough position to go back to her aivery I think we will try and keep her as a pet then. I am already in love she is the sweetest little thing, and makes the most georgous noises. I have always loved Alexandrians, they arnt a 'pat me pleeeeaasse' one person bird like a conure, but they will easily get used to and accept new people as flock memebers... (they actually really remind me of bonobos, awhere as conures lorikeets ect. are more like chimpanzees)		
		Heres pretty little Zoella.			image.jpg (39.36 KiB) Viewed 3687 times
	And here is a Tilly face for you all!!!		
					image.jpg (25.48 KiB) Viewed 3687 times

Not sure if I am seeing correctly or if it is just the angle the picture was shot from, but Tilly’s left nare seems to be more closed off than the other one.

Beautiful photos.I wish I could get an Rbird face, but he always has one or the other eye straight on at me. I hardly ever even SEE his frontal face.That Loki is really atriking.