A Royal Birthday

Just to wish Lorenzo a happy happy Bird-day, he turns one today and I’m a very proud mommy And it’s pretty cool that there’s a public holiday today for the royal wedding on the same day…but I like to think it’s just for Lorenzo Loro woke up to a breakfast of all his favorite things and a full bowl of all his favorite seeds and nuts (no pellets today).Pomegranate, corn, grapes, beans, babycorn, apple and carrot…and a tiny piece of cheese. later ill probably make him some scrambled egg.As much as he can be such a pain sometimes and drive me up the wall screaming, he’s still my little sweetheart which me will love forever <3

I’m jealous of all you guys that know when your birds hatch days are! I only know the date I got my birds. Happy hatch day, Lorenzo!

Wow, now there’s a hatchday feast! We know Scooter’s but not Scotty’s and haven’t really made a fuss, but now I’m feeling wistful about that!

thats one lucky bird happy hatch day!kaylayuh i dont know martys either so i just decided hes gonna have his adoption day:) January 11th! lol

Loro thanks you for the wishes I only know his hatchdate because I got him with a CITIES certificate and there’s the hatchdate on it

Happy hatch day Lorenzo ,