About the Adoptions category

Our platform does not tolerate any parrot being sold for a profit. This category is just for birds that need rescuing in hopes of receiving a higher quality of life.

If you have a parrot or other companion bird that needs adoption, you can create a topic in this category.

Our suggestions for prospective owners include:

  • Be employed or capable of illustrating financial stability.
  • Be over 18.
  • Reside in a house or apartment where the landlord is explicitly OK with birds.
  • Prior bird experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean a history of owning parrots, however an in-depth knowledge of basic bird care would be optimal.
  • Be able to provide adequate, consistent daily attention.

Our suggestions for those looking to rehome their birds include:

  • Be upfront about a rehoming fee, if requested. We will not allow this category to become a market for birds. If a rehoming fee is requested, it must be reasonable.
  • Provide details about the bird’s history including any illnesses/complications.
  • Meet a prospective new owner prior to committing the bird. We suggest meeting in a public place and possibly conducting a home visit or having the prospective parront spend time with the bird.
  • Beware of potential hoarding situations.
  • Vet prospective owners predicated on their comment history and employment status.
  • Have a solid set of requirements and stick to them.

We will not allow backyard breeder sales here. The purpose of this post is to lend more visibility to birds that desperately need a forever home. If anyone is abusing the system, please report them