Account Issue not listed in the FAQ

I didn’t know where else I should put this. I already know I probably got the wrong place. I want to know how to delete my account. I don’t like the experience this site has given me and I won’t have the time for it very soon. Not that I even visit this site regularly. I have plenty of other things to worry about that have put off getting another bird. Now I know I cannot be vague at all so I’ll tell you. The first issue I’m facing right now is my father. My Dad started drinking again. He gets abusive when he drinks. He hit me when I was 3 years old and I haven’t forgave him for it yet. This has forced me to get rid of a dog. He abused her and she started snapping at people. The second issue I’m facing right now is pregnancy.I do not want any bashing over this post. It is what it is. I want to know how to delete my account for my own personal reasons. I might come back after a few years. Who knows?

There is no feature that allows for a user to delete their account. Here is the list of forum rules. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2 Specifically, rule #9 deals with this issue. 9. reserves the right to remove or not remove any content. If objectionable content is posted, notify the administrator or moderator and the objectionable content will be reviewed within a reasonable time frame. You agree not to post content in violation of any law. is not liable for any message posted by its members which violates any law. Any content posted by members is not necessarily the view of you are unhappy with your experience here, the best thing to do is simply not log in. If you decide to come back, your account will be here.

Besides the fact that you want to delete your account which is a small small issue I feel like people ask for help in different ways. I respect your right to make decisions with your life. But you have your life to think about now and no person should have to live in an abusive home as you’ve described. I hope you make the right choice. The good/bad decisions you make today can and will affect you for the rest of your life. Good luck!