Advice on getting parrot to perch off of me

Hoping for advice. So this guy is coming along wonderfully, very happy for attention and will step up every time. My issue is getting him to “step off” - he gets on me and will NOT let go. Not for treats, praise, coaching; nothing. It’s becoming an issue where I can’t pick him up unless I have minimal 30-45 min to convince him. Any ideas? He will even cling to me upside down (but he hates it) - I have tried to force a perch under him, he would fall over before moving those legs. He will just freeze with the perch up against him and eventually will try to forcefully move it away from him with his beak. I stopped there. His favorite treats don’t work either. He wants nothing but to sit on my hand… for hours… and he gets heavy :joy::joy:


He is a very beautiful boy! :two_hearts: First off, are you trying to get him to step back onto his perch, his cage, the couch, etc? Or will he just not get off no matter where you try and put him? I personally would not force a perch under him, or you may cause him to become afraid of the perch.

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Maybe introduce some target training? Get a stick (choc sticks are good) and when he touches the end of it praise him (treats,) it becomes a trick or game if you will. Hell first start to touch it out of curiosity, then he’ll learn that when he touches it he gets a treat.
Once he’s mastered that, start making him move short distances to reach the target. Once he’s comfortable with that you can target him longer distances until you can target him across the room. So you can use the target to get him off your arm.

Hope this helps. If I’m not making sense with my explination search Bird Tricks on Youtube. They’re far better at explaining it that I am.

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Yup, bird tricks is awesome. I recommend their videos as well. Here is a link to the YouTube channel.

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