African grey feeding call

Hello thank you for allowing me to this forum.
I am in need of some advice.
I have a African grey Congo named lucky he is a really cool and sweet bird and fly’s around the house all day when we are home, at night he sleeps in his cage and when we are out of the home.
The problem is my wife has over mothered him as we have hand fed him from a baby about 3 months old he is now 1 year and he demands or shouts for his feedings in the morning and night. The problem with that are his call for feeding is a shrill beep beep that is deafening and every few seconds, he doesn’t stop till he is fed. He does eat fresh veggies and little bits of pellets. I have started to stop his morning feed and every time he beep beeps I put him on his perch with his food and he does eat and eventually stops his call but still a couple of time through the day and again when he wants his night feed he starts up again.
I am open to any ideas as this is so deafening it hurts my ears.

TIA. Gary and lucky