African grey me being away

I live in two places. I am getting a african grey but i am gone for 2 days a week. I still have my mom and step dad to take care of it but i wish to be its main owner. suggestions please.

Set up both places with a cage for him and get a travel cage so that he can go with you.

Good morning and welcome to the forum. Rambo’s last human was a caregiver who worked a 12 hour shift every day in a private home. She took him and he became a go go bird. He still loves to travel. He really gets excited when I ask him if he wants to go bye bye. Yours will claim it as part of his weekly schedule.

Yes, having him with you would help BUT, with parrots and their chosen humans, it’s entirely their choice so it’s possible that he chooses your mother or your father instead of you - in which case, he will have to remain with them.

thank you very much.