African Grey parrot

CAG Sexing…Hello Friends,I have been hearing a lot many things on how to visually sex a CAG. the wing feathers, chest area, undertail feathers and something with eyes as some people say. Can you guys share your experience? I only want to know experiences of people who have tied to do it themselves and yes, I know what DNA sexing is and how to get it done, but what I want to know is how would people know about male and female without DNA and am sure some people can identify with a smallish error rate!ThanksAmir Malik

Hey Amir, i see you posting a lot asking breeder info, and not many people responding. On a lot of these sites breeders are not always welcome, They’re lots of unwanted parrots here in the States because they where very avaible in the 70s and 80s and now after many years of sitting neglected in a cage these birds have developed many behavioral issues and are now unwanted.There’s is a movement now to rehome these birds and it has turned into a sort of business and they are in direct competition with breeders for new bird owners.It’s all very sad with lots of “mud slinging”.Of course many breeders won’t participate in these forums because of all the ugliness directed at them.The members here are great though and most try to keep an open mind with issues they don’t fully understand.Still there’s very few breeders involved and most like me are only familiar with a few species. I mainly breed amazons and can’t help you with AGs, some of your other basic questions were about diet and medicines.Most of us here feed are birds a complete balanced pellet diet designed for breeder parrots and don’t add extra vit/min to their diet because it might cause liver issues. We supplement with fresh fruits, vegetables,and sprouts. Most of us small time breeders keep our birds indoors or in a closed aviary to minimize the risk of disease.Some of the larger operations might employ a full-time vet to safeguard their investment but us little guys try to befriend a good avian vet and of course vet bills are a large part of our expense. Much of what we have learned is from the school of hard knocks , myself like you reached out to anybreeders i could find to help with problems and i will try to help if i can.I hope that i don’t catch to much hell on such a public forum. Good luck and i hope that things improve between our 2 countries, Richard

hello sir thanks very much to inform me such a valuable and important information. Well would u like to share with me your experience of all parrot which u have and how you breed them and yes for me its very likely that i have a very experienced person like you… would u like to share more with me plz