African Grey Scam

Hi, My name is Magdi and I’m new to this forum, I would like if anyone has any info on the following sites as scam or legit please share it with me.
I’m interested to get a CAG companion but had some bad luck before with scammers and there is no one close by in my state that I can visit in person and see the birds, so online is a viable option for me now.

The first site called Afro Birds Farm, they operate out of Canada
the website is: []

The second one is called Hassan Breeders Farm out of Atlanta, GA
the website is:

Any feed back will be truly appreciated.

I wouldn’t trust either. The first link has an African grey for $500.00, that is sketchy. I would volunteer at a bird sanctuary and if you still really want one I would get a personal reference from someone at the sanctuary.

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thank you so much for your assistance, appreciated. What drove me to these online sites that I’m currently retired and have two sons in collage, hence, I do not have much funds left to go for the $2.5 K for a CAG baby and the initial cost between a decent cage and toys, food, … would be around $1000. so when I did my internet search these sites came up and I vetted some of them to be scams but these two site I could not find any other reference to them. Thanks again for your help

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Yup, not a problem! Honestly, if money is an issue I would look for a different type of bird that may be cheaper to care for. Greys need a large cage, toys, food, vet visited, etc and it can get pretty expensive. :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael. recently I followed on of you post for birds that need home and I’m looking now at CAG from two rescue centers near me, one of them is about 2-3 hours drive, the other one is about 40 minutes. Anyway, I would like your expertise on advising me on adapting an older parrot, say 10 to 20 years old, besides some behavioral issues is it a good idea to adapt an older bird, reason I’m asking is that one the bird shops employees told me that she will never adapt an older bird for a lot of reasons. What’s your thoughts on that. Thanks a lot. Magdi

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had a cockatoo

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welcome to the forum :slight_smile: you said you never had a cockatoo but it h

sus-Friend gave me her ACG 25 years old. Now, 28 years. She didn’t say much-but, they pick up from others
They had a contest-who could do the best kitty meow
Nicki won
She is the 28 year old

Who got to you?
Had Grandma scam, here
Supossed to be grand daughter
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Huh? We are going to have to ban you

@magdi did you ever get a CAG companion?