African Greys in Perth, Western Australia

Hi Everyone! I am in desperate need of some help here. Does anyone own an African Grey in Perth, WA? My family is about to move there from Sydney next month and we have just found out that African Greys are prohibited there as they are considered a pest. As you can imagine we are absolutely devastated! I am wondering if there is a way around this to get a permit like getting him desexed for example so he can never breed. Any help or advice anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

This is terrible news. We run into the same issue with Quaker Parrots here in the states and to only two solutions here are to rehome the bird or to not move there. You will have to check with the government agency there to find out if there are any special permits that you can get that would allow you to keep your bird. Is there any way that you can avoid this move?

Terrorists can smuggle weapons. Get some yellow and green food coloring and turn him into an Amazon.

Oh, shoot! That’s bad news! And, to be honest, this is the first time I hear of a gray been classified as an agricultural pest. But smuggling him in, although tempting, is not a good idea because you would not be able to get any medical care for him.