Air Piurifier (questions)

I have read in one of the editions of “Parrots” Magazine about air purifier with a household with birds. I’m curious if the Author of article was right about how amazing it is and how much dust the filters collect.With my 4 I quick vacuum every day and deep-vacuum about once a week. I wonder what’s your truly opinions about purifier and if it really help to reduce dust like it seems in commercials.I live in 1 bedroom apt. Is there something good that you can recommend me? The price is not such a important factor for me as a quality of that thing.Thanks in advance!

An absolute necessity in my opinion. I’m a neat freak, I vacuum daily, my place is spotless, then I got an air purifier and realized WOW they are amazing! In all my research the IQ Air is the best it gets but they’re $700+ or so. Second was the Austin Air and that’s what I and a large, large number of my parrot owning friends have. SO pleased with it. It’s a powerhouse. (Other ones I considered: Rabbit Air, Honeywell, Hunter, Kenmore, etc. but the Austin kept coming out on top.)

I don’t know a lot about them and I don’t have one, but I believe you need to be careful about the type – ozone-generating air purifiers aren’t particularly great for humans and worse for birds. There is a thread here somewhere about that, you might want to do a search.

Big Thanks Yes, there was a toppic about it will be!

Hey, glad you found it (the thread) i was looking and got sidetracked. (LOL)

I just bought the rabbit air purifier last week. It’s been great so far. I found that after a while having two birds in my room was causing me to wake up with an itchy throat and itchy ears. I decided it would be best to help my problem out and I know that they are recommended for the birds in Bird talk magazine all the time. This one is very quiet and I have no complaints so far! I ordered it in pearl white and used a coupon code from bird talk magazine (code: FPABT20) which gave 20$ off - spent about $330 (free shipping for purchases over 300$). I chose the BioGS-SPA-421A are some photos of it from the first night i hooked it up:

Your birds have to check it of course My rabbit has to wait, after I’ll pay taxes, but it will be rabbit too. Thanks for pictures!

I’m curious if it has made a measurable difference to you or the birds. Do you have central A/C also?

i do have central ac-- i don’t know if it is too soon to tell, i’ve had it running 24/7 for a week now. I keep it on low at all times, when i’m cleaning the cages or emptying garbages I put the turbo mode on (which only stays on for 10 minutes). i have noticed that my wooden floors seem to be less dusty/less feathers around their area. When I first turned the air purifier on, my odor level in the air was in the orange color (green being good, red being the worst). Once I ran it for 10 minutes, my odor was in the green level and has been since. I really can’t guarentee that it’s helping but I’d like to think that it is lol.

It measures “odor”? What in the world is it measuring? Particulates it is filtering out? I can’t imagine it really senses strong smells as such. Do you smell an odor when it measures in the orange range?How often do you change the filter in the A/C? I’m thinking I ought to get on top of that before I worry about a purifier. We had a new system installed about 9 months ago and the contractor put in a washable filter which, of course, has never yet been washed. I’m thinking replaceable paper, while less green, might be our better bet.If you are better about that than us, it will be interesting to see if the filters stay cleaner.