Alexandrines and ringnecks

Hi, I recently got an Alexandrine and a ringneck which came together, I am unsure of their ages, the alexandrine has a feint black line and a really flat head, he is quite tame but doesn’t talk only screeches and whistles. the ringneck was quite timid but is now eating out of my hand. How can I tell how old they are and what sex they are?

You cant tell how old they are only if they are young or old and im assuming they are adults also a Male will have a black ring around its neck you said the Alexandrines ring is feint so I dont really know.

A little more specifically, the Alexandrine male will develop a black ring under his cheeks running toward the back of his neck, after maturity and the male Ringneck will develop a black ring under his cheeks running around the back of his neck also a pink neck ring around the back of his neck, again after puberty. It is almost impossible at this point to give an age for any parrot by looking at them other than the changes at puberty or while they are very young.

Ask the person who owned them before how long he/she has had them and then you can determine if they are females or young males. If the bird has a black (not grey, not dark or light green, not any other shade but solid black) ringneck, it’s a male, if it doesn’t (although it could have a lighter ring) it’s a female. But the ring appears between the second and the third full molt and that’s why you need to know how long the previous owner had them.