An inspiration to us all! … 999309.cms

Wow this is lovely.I love hearing about people who are willing to help animals, even when it means they loose profits. Truly lovely-selfless people.

GOD bless that man and his family.There is an Asian human who boils rice every morning to feed whatever wants breakfast.In WV our land went up to the PA line. The Christian farmer on the PA side used to leave rows of corn standing for the animals. I think it was every third row but my memory may not remember it right.Sometimes I worry about feeding the wild things. If something happens to me the wild things may go hungry from expecting a food supply in a certain place. Leaving some harvest for the birds to glean is the best solution. The birds don’t know that a human did it on purpose and keep their foraging skills.

yeah, you do have to be carefull about feeding wild things, I put seeds sometimes under my lilac trees for the quails, i love seeing them on there journey through my yard. It starts out with lots of baby quails and as the months go by you see less and less of them as the cats, and hawks pick them off. only a few strong ones make it through. They are so cute. The male runs ahead checking thing out and then calls to the rest and they all run up to him. Quails rarely fly even though they can. They love dust baths too so i make sure i have safe places in my yard for them to take their dust baths.