An unexpected new arrival!

So, we know some neighbours had moved in opposite us (the house we used to live in) and they soon after bought a tiny little parrotlet at 12 weeks old. Recently our landlord knocked on the door saying they had left the house 24 hours ago oweing 2 months rent. We’re very friendly with our landlord so he asked if he would mind helping us move the stuff and in return he’d give us something off our rent for that month. So of course we said yes. Walking in we saw everything was gone except for… the poor little parrotlet! Just a note… saying please rehome!Absolutely appalled by this I immediately whisked her (she’s a girl) cage and all out the door and straight into our flat. I gave her some eggfood, seed mix and some soaking mix and poured fresh water into her cage. Luckily she hadn’t gone too long without food and water but still very unfair and appalling.Poor tiny little thing was so tame and a really beautiful example. We have an appointment with our AV to get her checked over and I’m goiong to order a new cage in my opinion the one she was in was way too small. In the meantime she is in our cockatiels holiday cage which is about the right size for now but will need a bigger one so she can fly around. ( if course I have throughly sterilized this)I’m keeping her in a completely separate and quiet room where she can recover from being abandoned and for obvious quarantine. She’s very cute and already sat on Eric’s finger! Overall her poops look fine, no fluffing, plumage is near immaculate so from what I can see she appears healthy but I guess all rests on the vet appointment. We have decided to call her ‘Little Mi’ as she makes a sound that’s exactly like 'mi!'Any advice, such as what cages I should get, diets (trying to get her completely fresh and no pellets!) but some guidance would be great, anything you can tell me.She’s a spectacled parrotlet.

Great of you to take take her in !We want pics =)!

Haha, have fun! You keeping or fostering?

Michael, we are keeping unless we find a situation where she really doesn’t adjust to us or some reason or is unhappy but she seems fine. Most things can be ovecome and I feel rehoming her would be unfair considering that she has already been abandoned once. Pictures soon, want to let her settle before shoving a camera in her face. She still understandably a bit wary.

Congratulations on your new addition - what an awful thing to happen to her but she’s landed on her feet with you two and your flock

I hope so. I hope everything will be OK at the vets, I tracked her ring to the breeder where she came from who is very reputable although is a hobbyist breeder and I know lets his birds go for free when he needs to get new bloodlines in or the flock needs downsizing. I have since had the ring removed because it was starting to open a bit at the back and to me looked a bit of a hazard.

Aw poor thing but so lucky at the same time that it was found so quickly.

I know poor thing could have died! I just hope she is in good health once we get her to the AV. I’ve asked for all the tests because although I know the breeder has a very good reputation and is highly experienced you just never know. I’ve met people on another forum with his birds and they have all said never a problem but after poor little Percy, you just never know.

Oh, my goodness! How incredibly lucky for her that YOU found her! She could have died OR she could have been taken by another person just to get a free bird! This is why I am so against just anybody having birds: people think of them as practically disposable!

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	Hi guys so as promised here is Little Mi (or Mia for short). Do you think she's splay legged? She doesn't sit like it all the time only sometimes when she lands. She was born on the 10/05/2013 and she has a parrot society leg band, she did have another leg band but we had that removed as it was an open ring. We went to visit her breeder yesterday (as tracked by her parrot society ring) so see her parents and get some advice and see about everything where she came from. I was very impressed by the breeder and he was so upset to hear she had been abandoned (normally he interviews anyone he gives birds to as he does this for free). He gave us copies of all her papers which he still had on file. She's still a little shy, but she's eating well and has flown and jumped around the cage. She did hop out the cage yesterday, had a couple of crash landings and she decided to fly around her quarantine room. She has a very light clip so she can still fly but she just slowed down a bit, I DIDN'T clip her this was the owners and its not a full clip its just so she doesn't crash into things and having seen how fast she can fly with the clip I can see the logic although I WILL be letting this grow out as I don't like clipping however light. She is so beautiful!Last night we had a hour of soft little chirpings.