And so it begins

I took the first step and put a deposit down on my new parrot. I have studied about parrots, read a lot of this forum, have asked a few questions. ( and will keep asking). So when I went into the bird store today I looked around I was going to pick a GCC but then I went to a Jenday coure I hope I spelled that right. And he/she came right up to me climb all the way up to the top of his cage put it head down and then look up at me and put it head down again. He did this about four or five times. My hand is so big I had to use my pinky to give him a scratch through the bars. So that was it I said this is the one. He/she will be ready in two weeks. He is eating pellets, a bean/sprout mixture that the lady mixes up. and she says he eats fruits and veggies too. So I bought a few more toys for him, ones that he has in his cage now. a few more perches (a bong?) and so I have 6 perches and 5 toys. @ really big ones that she says he loves to shred. Yes I know that this species is loud at times not just morning and evenings, but I just made a connection with this bird. For over three months I have planned this out and it just happened LOL. Also I have called a AV ( the one that the store uses and made an appointment with them for the day I pick my bird up for a wellness exam. And also to get DNA tested. I would like to know what he/she is. Everyone says it’s good to know. I will post pictures as so as I can.

Congratulations on your new friend! I wish you had gone the adoption route but all birdies need good homes and it seems that this one will get one. Yes, they can vocalize very loud and very often (it’s not even that they scream, it’s that they ‘talk’ read loud -LOL) and they also tend to be quite nippy but I have one that was given up because he was ‘completely unmanageable’ and, although he does chew clothes something awful (he has gotten much, much better) he is the sweetest thing ever! My little Nando is BEAUTIFUL (he is what they call a Flaming Jenday), a great eater, a fabulous bather, an ace flying and the most affectionate little thing. He flies to my shoulder as soon as I come through the door and kisses me all the time, both when I ask him to and of his own initiative, and he has never ever ever nipped much less bit me (so how unmanageable could he have been?!). He is also my little guardian angel and, when Charlie (male sun conure) flies to my head to ‘scare’ me off Sophie’s nest (he is a doo-doo head bird who believes he is Sophie’s mate -she is a CAG and doesn’t give him the time of day -LOL), he intercepts him and standing on my head, prevents him from reaching me - how’s that for love, eh?Hope you have many years of happiness with your little friend but, be careful with free-feeding pellets as well as beans and sprouts everyday, this is A LOT of protein and it’s not good for them in the long run (breeding and growing birds need it but not adults).

Good advice regarding food from Pajarita!Dont free-feed pellets during the whole day, and be sure to include lots and lots of veggies and fruit in your new friends diet. Just remember, dont keep him/her hungry while they are young!

Thanks pajarita, cml I will be chopping up veggies and fruits. Just so you know he has been getting veggies and fruit form the place I bought him from. The owner is really into her birds and makes sure everybody eats healthy.