Another Parrot joke

A woman goes into a pet store and buys a beautiful green and blue parrot. The only words the parrot knows how to say are: "Who is it?"She takes the parrot home, but soon realizes that the bird’s color clashes with the living room. So she calls an Interior designer, who says he will come by shortly.When the decorator comes, the woman is out shopping. He knocks on the door, and the parrot says, "Who is it?"The man says, "It’s the decorator."The parrot says, "Who is it?"The man says, "It’s the decorator."The parrot asks, "Who is it?"The man replies, "It’s the decorator!!!"The parrot again says, "Who is it?"The man screams, “The decorator!” The decorator gets so mad, that he pops a blood vessel, and dies on the spot. The lady comes home and finds a dead man lying on her front porch. She says, "Oh my gosh . . . who is it?"The parrot replies, “It’s the decorator!”

LOLThat is an old one but really funny that it could be possible.Did you hear the true story of an elderly lady who fell and was calling for help but the whole neighborhood was at work. When a couple finally got home from work the old lady was just too tired to call out anymore. She was saved when their parrot started calling out for help in the old lady’s voice.

Good joke, Harp!I had not heard that story before, Liz, but I am sure it can be true. There was the one about the quaker that noticing that the baby was choking flew around the house making alarm calls and screaming: "BABY! BABY! BABY!" They even gave him a medal or something…

No, I had not heard that one.There was a cat that screamed into a baby monitor when the baby stopped breathing. The parents ran to the baby to see what the cat did to it.Myrtle came to me yelling Rambo. When I checked he had torn up a cardboard box so bad that he couldn’t find his way out.Myrtle swooped a Boxer puppy because it was following Rambo too close.My birds and even my dogs and cats look out for each other. The cat Rachel rehomed used to threaten my Squeakie. The dogs always jumped in to break it up before I even realized what was happening.This is an inter species house hold of friends.

Here it’s the one that says that he was honored as a hero (2009) but it actually happened on 2008. … 78586.html