Another rare half-sider

I used ‘half-sider’ because that’s what we call budgies that are half one color and half another but the actual name for it is the one you see on the article. … c58ce.html

Very interesting. I have seen pictures of budgies and wondered if they were photoshopped, but this tells me no. I get the name… gyn indicates female, and and(o) indicates male. It is curious, I wonder if this particular bird could be hermaphrodite ?

Gyne represents female and andro represents male and it is very possible that it also has the gonads on both sexes. I don’t know of any that have been opened up or x rayed to find out. Or at least that part has not been stated.

Well, although it seems as if both terms mean almost the same, in reality, they don’t. An hermaphrodite has sexual organs of both genders but always resembles one gender more than the other and it happens in all species of animals, while a gynandomorph has tissue throughout its entire body that belongs to both genders and have physical characteristics of both but it mostly happens with invertebrates, birds been the only vertebrates that present this anomaly. Hermaphrodites are fertile but it is believed that gynandomorphes are sterile.