Any Cape Parrot owners here?

Hello Everyone, I’m David, a few months ago I opened a thread in the website, telling everyone that I’m a parrots breeder who has been hand feeding all kind of parrots and has yet, after 2.5 years of work, found the right kind of bird to keep for myself. I had the pleasure of hand feeding Cockatiels, Love birds, Conure Green Cheeks, Eclectus, Alexandrine, Blue Headed Pionus, Senegals, Meyer’s, Pacific…I’ve told everyone that my most major issue with parrots is that I don’t want a noisy one. I do have a pair of senegals, a pack of cockatiels and two pairs of Conure green cheeks living very close to my very bedroom - BUT, they are outside and their noise isn’t that bad when you are not that near them.Thing is, when I brought it up last time, I talked about how much I love the Eclectus parrot but how much I didn’t enjoy their screams during hand feeding. People have told me that their baby screams stops with time and that they are generally not that noisy during the day but I have come to understand that I just don’t like how they sound when they do scream - so I have come to control my desire of owning one cause I’ve also realized, I don’t want to really take that risk on the account of another been.COMING DOWN TO THE POINT! - From all the parrots that I’ve hand fed during the last years, my most enjoyable ones were the Green Cheeks and the Senegals. I did always wish that my parrot will be bigger, which made the Cape parrot a very interesting option. We don’t have a lot of them in Israel and now, after all this time, I might be able to put my hands on a baby cape in just a few days. I was wondering, are there any cape owners around here? I know all about Truman and would be happy to hear from his owners too. What kind of parrot is the cape? is he like the senegal, is he noisy? Any help! David.

There are at least six or more Cape Parrot owners on this forum that may be able to help.Truman is most likely a Brown Necked Cape Parrot: Poicephalus robustus fuscicollis. He is a lot louder (in volume) than my Senegal Parrot and spends more time vocalizing. So I would estimate his vocal presence to be 3-5 times greater than the Senegal Parrot when considering volume and duration. The good news is that he is learning to talk more and more and to some extent that is replacing the annoying screaming. It is annoying but not unbearable. Nothing compared to a macaw or cockatoo.One thing to beware of Capes is that they are very bold. When they get older they expect things to be their way or they can get aggressive in return. Their personalities will vary from sweet to aggressive on a bird by bird basis.

Hey Michael! Great to hear from you. Would you say that with a lot of attention they can be raised to not been aggressive? Do you see any of that in Truman in a level you feel you can’t control ? As for the screaming, is it actually screaming like the Eclectus, or more like strong vocalizing like the senegals and greys ? Do you have any video on youtube that can demonstrate this? I think my problem with noise has more to do with the type of noise… The Eclectus parrots have like a “kraaaa!!!” scream that I don’t like while my pair of Senegals have all kind of loud voices that are more tolerable to the ear… My Conures also scream a lot but that’s not that loud and it’s coming with reason all the time. Never just for the sake of screaming. How is it with Truman ? Now that you have him for a while, as a pet parrot, what do you think of them? How would you describe them?Just for you, I am attaching a picture of my male senegal who lives outside: