Any college students here?

Any current college student here? If so where do you go and what are you majoring in? Anyone that graduated already and wants to post too? Go for it.I’ll start.Currently I go to Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania. I am a 22 year old freshmen I just switched majors from accounting to professional communications skills / support systems. I am also minoring in psychology… your turn!

I’m a junior at Colorado State. I’m majoring in Biomedical Sciences and I’m applying to veterinary school this year.

I’ll be 21 in May, I’m from Quebec so I’m in CEGEP (John Abbott College) actually, getting a DEC (diploma of college studies in english) in Creative Arts & Literature. Been at it about 4 yrs now (normal length for pre-university DEC is two—life’s been crazy) but as it stands I’m slowly realizing its not what I’m into…professional student much? Hopefully I’ll be graduating next semester (took a year off for mental health n whatnot) Yup I’m probably gonna be 30-35 by the time I get out of university.

I’m just finishing up my first year at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia. I’m majoring in Folklore and minoring in Ethnomusicology.

Just graduated from Post secondary. Sound design for visual media, I do sound for movies and games!

I’m finishing my senior year of high school, but I’m taking five college classes online and at a community college at the same time - does that count? I’m in the middle of sorting out applications, auditions, and scholarships, and I have my potential colleges narrowed down to three… still waiting to hear back from my dream school, Southern Virginia University! Wherever I go, I’m planning to major in flute performance and minor in business or creative writing. (Not sure about my minor yet, though.)

I’m finishing up my freshmen year at the University of Tennessee, and I’m majoring in Nuclear Engineering.

I’m graduating in May with my BA in English Literature, I also got accepted into a Master’s program which I will begin soon after graduation Nice to see that there are other college students on here!

I have just finished college in london haha !

I’m doing an animal management course in Yorkshire UK. I wouldn’t mind going to Uni to continue learning about animals but I’m going to be left with one hell of a debt from this course so I’ve plenty of time to decide on what area to study.