Anyone from South Africa?

'ello!Just want to find out if there’s anyone from South Africa on this forum?I have a friend who is part of the rat community, but it’s hard finding fellow parrot crazy people.If there’s enough of us we could start a Facebook group!

Hi!I am also from South Africa and actually wondered myself whether I was the only one from here. I own a now for about 5 months. Anyway, nice hearing from you.

Yes nice meeting you!I had a senegal parrot, they are lovely little creatures, and SOOO smart!! my senegal’s name was Missy because she had the personality of a princess.Keep me up to date with your 's training please, I would love to see some pics!

HiYes, they are smart. I am new to owning birds, and succeeded to teach her quite a few tricks in the time that she’s been with me now. She can step up, wave, make wings and target. Currently I am trying to get her to turn on her own. But we will get it eventually I still haven’t quite figured out how to post pictures on the forum, but will try again soon.Oh, her name is Lilly… So, you own a African Gray… I actually considered an African Gray but decided against it since I get a degree of allergies. And apparently from what I read Senegals has less feather dust. But I still love the big guys . Oh and then I prefer being bitten by a smaller bird… Since we all know that just does happen from time to time.