Anyone got a dancing bird?

Does anyone’s bird dance?Petey is my biggest dancer. She’ll dance to music and she’ll dance without music. She doesn’t care. It’s mostly all about the upper body with her.Joey will bob his head along when I sing to him. The only dance move he’s got done for now.Here is a video of dancing Petey

Cute video.I’ve seen a lot of parrot dancing videos on youtube. Especially cockatoo ones. They seem to get so excited by music.

Cute! Did you do anything to get him to dance or is it something he just started doing for fun? I’ve tried dancing in front of Mojo and trying to get him excited about the music but he just turns his head to the side and looks at me like I’m crazy .

MandyG wrote:Cute! Did you do anything to get him to dance or is it something he just started doing for fun? I did nothing, she just likes to dance. And this was to no music (I added it afterward).She sometimes will just dance like that, just for the fun of it. Sometimes it’s brought on by music she seems to enjoy.

Cool i wish my cockatiel could dance

My sister gave me my first cockatiel. She had been rehomed many times so I don’t know how old she was.Amy seemed so lonely so I got her a Bubba. She loved him. When he would sing she would dance. She picked up her feet and moved them around and bounced up and down. This was really common for them.My uncle was here one day and he commented on Bubba’s singing. I told him the funny thing was that she danced to his singing. When he looked around the corner he could not believe it. didn’t teach her. She already came this way from the rescue but she’s really good!

Hahahaha - Santina is fabulous Chance bobs her head and dances, it’s so cute.

LOL - And she has moves!

There is an umbrella cockatoo at one of the pet stores in my town and she LOVES to dance. She gets really into any kind of music you play for her and sometimes she gets so excited that she makes noises along with the music likes shes trying to sing along lol