Anyone had weird parrot dreams?

I’ve had vivid dreams lately. The other night I dreamt that I had stumbled onto a previously unknown sentient parrot society. It was terrifying since I got too close to their >> and it turned into a more colorful version of a Hitchcock film. The flock chased me & backed me into a corner and discussed what to do with me! They were Macaw-sized, so could do damage!Anyone else had crazy dreams (whether parrot related or not)?

I hardly ever remember my dreams but I recently had one where my birds were sick and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was and I woke up with the most awful sense of desperation and impotence… I am always worrying about them so it’s no coincidence that I also do it in my sleep.

I’ve had many dreams of birds. Birds, tornadoes, and my pets.One of my most recent dreams involved Steve and Diva. Steve was dead, a bunch of blue feathers on the bottom of his cage. I was so said and helpless. For some reason he had died because I had given him a cherry. I was worried about Diva too, since she had eaten cherry as well.Then we had a large cage, about 5’ feet tall, 3 feet long, 4 feet wide, that had a lot of Society Finches in it. A young finch, white with a brown spot on its eye, was on the bottom of the cage struggling to survive. I remember trying to save it…For some reason a lot of my parrot dreams involve poor Steve dying… I don’t know why. And I did have a dream about tornadoes last night, lol. I almost always have one.

I’ve told friends of mine on this forum about this, but the last dream I had about a parrot was about Tiki.About a week after I lost her, I woke up to hearing someone yelling my name… I was alone in my place, but the voice sounded like my late grandmother’s. The voice yelled my name twice, and then, as my eyes flew open, I then heard what sounded like Tiki’s piercing, goodbye cry.I’m emotional as I just typed that. I want to believe what the pet psychic told me – that someone has her – but waking from the dream left me thinking that was Tiki’s last breath, and I was her last thought, and either she, or someone from beyond was letting me know.

I dream i snap and kill loxley accidentally. I don’t know what’s wrong with me cause i have awful dreams several times a month.

CSLfiero – I think that stress, high carb diet and lack of sunlight/exercise can really make for upsetting dreams.Case and point: Last night I dreamed I owned a micro-sennie that was the size of a parrotlet, and that I’d carried him out in my pocket and he somehow flew away from me in a park. I struggled to keep my eyes on him, but then he was gone from view. Argh! I remember thinking, “Of only I’d kept him in his harness…” Then I realized that there were other parrots in the park, two red-bellies. I put up my hand, called, and one of them immediately flew down to me, despite having a somewhat gimpy left wing. SOMEBODY’S been watching waaaay too many of Michael’s videos before bedtime…

CSLFiero wrote:I dream i snap and kill loxley accidentally. I don’t know what’s wrong with me cause i have awful dreams several times a month.I’ve certainly heard that sleep-deprived parents of human infants likewise can have very disturbing dreams. It’s part of being human! Don’t worry CSLFiero!

I really do have parrots on the brain this week. While taking a brief nap yesterday, I dreamed I was riding an old fashioned tractor harvesting some sort of grain – perhaps winter wheat? And there, sitting on the steering wheel next to me, was yet another unidentified parrot. Some sort of green poi/conure mix, and he was totally enjoying the process despite the noise. We were a bit on a crest of a hill; it was lovely to watch the grain heads swaying to and fro in the afternoon sun. So not as weird of a dream as the previous ones, but still a bit unusual. But then, most of my dreams are unusual.

Came across a real good quote for this topic from O. Henry in “An Unfinished Story” There are but two subjects upon which one may discourse with a free imagination, and without the possibility of being controverted. You may talk of your dreams; and you may tell what you heard a parrot say. Both Morpheus and the bird are incompetent witnesses; and your listener dare not attack your recital. Isn’t this just a real great gem? Its so TRUE!

Dbeguy – Ahaha, what a great quote! And yeah, it IS true. Between me and the new parrot, my poor husband won’t have a chance…