Anyone In San Diego County Wanna Play w/ Babies?

Need help socializing my babies. I’ll be at the La Jolla Open Aire Market on Sunday 3/13 between 10 a.m. - 2p.m. I’ll be at the Friends of Cats booth. Ducky is working on learning the dollar trick, so help him out and bring a dollar. I’ll have some other baby jendays there that need to be played with.

Come to Vancouver, BC and I’ll station myself at your booth all day!

We are going to be in El Cento! Bummer!

I’ll send my boyfriend to kidnap some! He’s about sevenish hours away in Bridgeport, but he can give the task to his parents who are closer in Calipatria. I’m jealous. San Diego was beautiful when I was there in November. Here in PA, we’re still chilly and flooded.

Hey Calipat’s just a couple of hours away!

Actually Roz is was Saturday. and we were in Calpat for a while, then Brawley, and Niland. Very fun day visiting and old friend from high school, and exploring mud pots, etc. What time are you leaving La Jolla? It is at the school there?

So when I move out to CA and in with my boyfriend, can I swing by on the way from PA and steal both of your birds? I’ll take good care of them! lol.

So we were at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. Lotsa people. The babies had a good time with all the squealing kids . . . until we got evicted. . .The person in charge of the Farmer’s Market asked the birds to leave. He said due to the health department. Hmm . . . Friends of Cats had cats and kittens and a couple of booths down there was a photographer with bunny rabbits for props.We actually think that one of our neighbors was a bah humbug and complained.We did get a few cute pictures of the birds with some kids before we got the boot:http://staringatbirdsandgoats.blogspot. … -word.html

So will you still be in Wynola?

Heya!I think so. Friends of Cats just got rid of their director so I guess they’re short staffed so their outreach activities are up in the air I guess. As of right now, yes, we’ll be at Wynola this coming weekend. I think I’ll know for sure by Thursday.I’ll keep y’all posted.