Anyone in the UK DNA tested their bird?

As above really. Wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions on where to get it done & how to go about it. I’ve found several company’s online that do it but it would be helpful to get someone’s firsthand experience

Avian biotech are pretty good. Its the one Ollies breeder used I think and results were back in a week. No idea about any of the others though.

Thanks for that Marie…but how does one go about plucking feathers or taking blood from your bird I guess is my question?

janetafloat wrote:Thanks for that Marie…but how does one go about plucking feathers or taking blood from your bird I guess is my question?That’s why I won’t do it. I don’t want to ruin the trust between my parrot and me and would hate to hurt her. As to the blood you clip just slightly into the quick of the nail, then put the a blood droplet on a piece of paper and apply cornstarch (or whatever you use) to stop the bleeding.

Personally if I were to do it I would pluck the feathers rather than try to get blood. They should sent you a kit for free and there will be instructions with it. You will only have to pay when you sent the kit and sample back to them. I think thats how it works anyway. You could always get your vet to take the samples but it will cost you more.

Do you have to pluck the feathers or can you use feathers that have just fallen off by themselves?

I actually dont know. Genetic material will be in the feathers but it depends on how they test them once they are at the lab. They may just use the very tips which might have a different testing quality if not freshly plucked. you dont have anything to lose by contacting them to find out or ordering the testing kit to see what the instructions say.

Here in the Netherlands, If I want to get my bird tested for diseases or get them DNA tested I just take them to an avian vet and they will take their blood and send it to the DNA testing company. It doesnt really hurt the birds and they will not resent me for it later on.Or dont you have good avian vets in the UK?

There are some good avian vets in the country. A feather pluck, if done correctly should not destroy any trust if the bird is already tame. I feel differently towards clipping the nail to expose the quick though, I think that would be likely to destroy some trust than the pluck.

I went for a bloodsample from the toe on my brownheaded (pretty much the same way a diabetic does the test for sugarlevels) the little fella didnt seem to notice it and was comfy resting on his back in my palm and since we only did a small poke we basically ahd trouble getting enough blood drawn to get enough on the testswab thingie so no bleeding afterwards, and just as before once done and during… But I was quite worried before we did it…