Are bird travel backpacks safe?

I have a blue quaker parrot and I’m looking into buying a travel backpack so he can travel with me. Are bird backpacks safe? there are different types but in general, is this a safe option as a travel carrier?

You know what, this is actually a really good question. I have seen people use them but only for short trips. For example, I see people use the ones that are not clear for short trips to the vet for a nail trimming or something like that. And also there is this YouTuber I watch that lets her bird ride with her to the post office to pick up packages. In a few of her videos she says she doesn’t like to leave onni the cockatoo in his traveling cage too long because it gets hot.

If anyone out there uses a traveling back page please feel free to share your knowledge. Like I said, I have never personally used one. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, btw. Glad to have you!

Thanks Michael,
The forum is great I’ll check out the youtube recommendation! I hope to get more info on the bird travel backpacks.

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