Are Male Parrots Bigger Chewers?

Which tend to be the bigger wood/toy chewers?

In general, would you say that the male parrots tend to be bigger chewers and destroyers than females?

Just have one senegal and I dont even know his sexe for sure. But do re-read your subject title dear Edit: thank you

In my house, Lucy by far is a bigger chewer than Jessie.From what Cory has told me about Kylie (Meyer’s), she is also a big chewer and shredder.

I would think the females would be bigger chewers, with nesting instinct and all that? when my tiel got hormonal she would chew and shred waay more than usual. she was even more of a chewer than my gcc is now. I’m not sure whether my gcc is a male or female though…what makes you think that males might generally be bigger chewers?

The Amazon is a girl…and she likes to go down to the bottom of her cage and shred the newspaper.The CAG (presumed girl)…also shreds the newspaper, and will chew up pretty much anything chewable I give her.The Pi (presumed boy)…never shreds paper…but will chew on some toys…but chewing isn’t really his thing…

I would say it depends on each individual bird.My answer was both equal for that reason.Here, Shade, Joey, Zuri and now Pixel tend to chew/destroy toys a lot.Petey seems to like toys he can screw/unscrew and shake more.