Are my expectations too high?

Hello! I want to buy a pair of cockatiels because I want to have pet birds and cockatiels seem like the friendliest kind. I have done a lot of research about their care. I would buy hand fed baby cockatiels. I wonder if my expectations of having cuddly birds are too high? I see all of these posts and videos of owners and their cuddly cockatiels which is ideally what I’d want, but are those rare cases? What is the likelihood of having friendly and cuddly cockatiels?

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Hey, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Honestly, it just depends on the birds personality as it grows and develops. Also, it depends on how much time you spend with them and how respectful of their wants and needs you are.

For example, my first bird was a cockatiel. I woke up every morning super early just to spend time with her before work. I gave her lots a head scritches, built trust with her, fed her a good diet, and she had a nice sized cage with fresh water and toys to make sure she could entertain herself while I was at work.

As she got older, she wanted to spend time with me only when she wanted to. If she was on her perch and I tried to get her to step up she would bite if she didn’t want to hangout with me. I respected her decision and didn’t get mad. Remember, these are intelligent creatures we are dealing with here. They are meant to be free and did not choose captivity so it is normal for them to express those naturally behaviors.

As far as being cuddly, very rarely does my baby girl want to be coddled and cuddled. She is very independent and does her own thing and only wants to hang out with dad when she wants to. :bird:

Your personality has a lot to do with how you and your birds bond. A lot of people get birds and only love them for a few months and then forget about them… this is devastating :frowning_face: It takes a lot of patience, love, money, and care to give a bird (especially two) a very happy life. Being able to deal with the mood swings while still loving your bird when it seems like they hate you is important because they live a very long time.

oh, and I know you mentioned getting two birds so I wanted to touch on that a bit. In my experience, it requires a lot of knowledge to raise two birds at the same time while making sure they get the attention needed to live a happy healthy life. I have had two birds that formed a liking for each other instead of me and they don’t want to be around me at all. They rather hang out with each other.

I don’t mean to turn you away or discourage you in anyway, I just wanted to give my honest opinion through my personal experience with these things. I hope this helps!

I forgot to ask, have you ever had a bird as a pet before?