Are we too impatient?

I think that we all are. I often have to stop and put myself back in ‘my place’ by reminding me to be patient and let time do its ‘thing’, that a parrot is NOT a dog. I also think that this is not the second biggest mistake we make with our parrots but the number one. Does anybody see him/herself reflected on this piece? … our-birds/

I absolutely agree with this piece! And unfortunately, do see myself reflected in this piece. But not just with my birds, in all aspects. I mean, that’s why they say patience is a virtue, right? It doesn’t come easily. I also think impatience happens with our feathered friends bc most people have very little experience with undomesticated animals. They just don’t work the way we expect them to. They aren’t motivated by the same things, they don’t cope the same, and they don’t learn the same way. It’s very easy to compare a bird and a dog/cat/etc, imo. The birds are brilliant, interactive, loving, head strong, etc etc. But they still are just wild animals… Add to it that birds have been “pets” for a while now, and people just assume they’re going to act in a way that we want them to. I would never expect a tarantula (my longest running Wild animal experience) to “step up” or anything of that nature. But yet, I still think a bird should do that sometimes. I have to take a step back and remind myself… This is a WILD animal. And I should just be happy I have to opportunity to interact and care for it in the way it wants/needs (to the best of my ability, nature of course is better).

We as humans are an impatient species at best and are very goal oriented, so we don’t generally pay much attention to the journey because we are so focused on the journey’s end. Birds enjoy the journey or so it seems to me. I don’t perceive them as just another wild animal although they are a wild animal, but we are animals as well and so I don’t see that much difference between us. I perceive of them basically as another sentient species of animal life and deserving of the same considerations that I would give to anyone else. But this is just my perspective on it.

I love this! I was actually talking to my mother about this the other day. She’s been training a parakeet for the last two months without a lot of success. I will send her this so she fully understands.I’m a pretty patient person, but at times I’ve been a little frustrated when things take a little more time then I’d like. It’s hard not to. You don’t want to keep doing the same thing and get no results. But like wolf said, they are a lot like us. They need to feel secure in their environment to perform best, just like us. They also need to cross a language barrier. If someone was teaching me something in German, it would take me a bit longer to learn what they are teaching!