*Attention all England Parrot owners!* Think Parrot 2012

Hiya guys!So, I’ve been recieving all of the issues of the northern parrots catalogue and this months one had an advert for an Parrot Event which is going to be held in Woking, Surrey, England called “Think Parrot 2012”. It is being held by Parrot Mag. It will have various workshops on training your parrot, your Parrots diet, how to care for breeder birds correctly, etc. it will have a "best talking parrot"contest which you can enter your birds in. It will have many bird items on sake as well. It looks quite good so I think I’ll be purchasing tickets anytime this week. The actual event is in May but if you purchase tickets beforehand online, you are sure to get a good seat in the workshops. So, I’m taking is opportunity to just let you guys know in case you are interested.If anyone he is interested, pm me and I’ll give you the details. Regards,Laducockatiel