Australian Galah (Pink and Grey)

Hi everyone, I hope to finally get my first baby bird the above in 3 weeks time, and wondered if you have any tips, he is male and hand raised, has a great cage and I can’t wait to get him, thanks Lorraine

Welcome to the forum! I’ve never had a Galah but I personally know three people that do. Two of them are online bird friends, the third is a personal friend to whose house I’ve been several times. They are truly beautiful and very loving birds but they are cockatoos so we are talking noisy, destructive and needy. The difference between them and the white ones seems to be the level of aggression which seems to be much higher in galahs. Again, no personal experience owning one so most of this opinion is only anecdotal but both online friends agree and I’ve been to my friend’s house several times and her bird is the kind that loves her to pieces but flies out to attack everybody else, even her children (and I can attest to that because I’ve had to duck and dodge Rosie many times ).