Avian cognition book!

A book all about birds, their intelligence AND the mechanism behind it in relation to their evolution - super interesting, right?! I am going to have to cash a chip or two of good will so my husband buys it for me (because my birthday, wedding anniversary and Mothers Day are passed and gone and I don’t want to wait until Christmas for it )A little review: https://phys.org/wire-news/259660860/th … birds.htmland where to buy it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing … dition=all

Good information. That is the rule but my Amazons are the ecception. Mine believe they are little kids and have personalities a lot like my kids. Rainbow, like my son, is the same as when Charles was a 5 year old. He is down to earth and on top of every situation (except when we moved here. He was so confused.) He takes time to evaluate every situation and deal with it. At age 5 he nick named Rachel, Butterfly. She was into everything and at a non stop pace. Myrtle is so much like her. She even back talks like Rachel.