Avian Vet, south Hertfordshire?

Hello,a few years ago I moved out of London to Waltham Cross, south Hertfordshire (UK), but during this time I kept going to my previous vet in Leyton as he’s really good.However now my cockatiel is getting older and in the meantime I became a dad so it’s now difficult / not ideal to have a 40+ minutes journey, especially during the cold season.Does anyone here happen to know a good avian vet around my area in Hertfordshire? I contacted / found a couple but they both do not seem to accept new clients.Many thanks

Sorry, I only know a couple near me (Northern NJ, USA) - isn’t there an avian vet national association in the UK? Because, here in USA, there is and the website has a list of all the members by state…

hi Pajarita,thanks!Yes I had a look at the vets that shows up clicking “find a vet” on https://www.aav.org/ and I also searched on https://findavet.rcvs.org.uk/home/ and checked out the ones listed here: https://theparrotsocietyuk.org/site/fil … n-2019.pdf but they are all 15 or more miles away which means 25-50 min depending on traffic; I was hoping to find something closer or at least have some feedback from other owners.Also the one I’m currently with does not have parking therefore I might either struggle to find a spot nearby or have to walk 3-5 minutes near a busy road and even with the transport cage covered, I’m always scared it’s too cold (it’s about 0c / 32f outside).


Call the local vets and ask them if they treat exotics because, in my personal experience, a vet that is not certified but has been treating exotics can be as good or even better than a certified avian vet. I can tell you that the BEST two vets I’ve had for my birds were not certified, and that the best avian vet of the area where I was living in Pennsylvania when I had the rescue, who was also a professor of avian medicine at the Pennsylvania University, misdiagnosed one of my birds not once but three times (I kept on taking him to the clinic because I could tell the bird was not well!) and the bird ended up dead because, by the time I got so frustrated with his “The bird is fine! There is nothing wrong with it!” and tried another vet, it was too late.