Baby Macaw - New Addition

Hi everyone. I’m new here… I have a baby Blue and Gold Macaw and I’m having a tough time with names. I would like to get it DNA sexed but until it has all it’s feathers i’m stuck with a unisex name? LOL Anyhow… Any idea’s on names I could use for Male or Female… and Unisex… Thanks!

Can’t they draw blood before a bird is fully feathered for the DNA test? I’ve never had a bird DNA sexed, so I have no idea. Anyway, do you like more human sounding names or more pet sounding names?

Yes, but the lady who is going to do it for me who is the breeder I bought my lovebird from will not do it till the bird is older. I forgot why… Shock to the bird? I dunno. She only charges $20 where all the vets charge anywhere from 55 for a small bird to 89 for a large bird. @ patbunny - Hatch date 4-3-2011

Congrats! I’d go with a bold, or majestic name.

Wow! Lucky you! Hmm…Pics would help stimulate my name-generating skills

LovingMommy3 wrote:@ patbunny - Hatch date 4-3-2011Wow, is your boy weaned?? My ekkie boy turned 15 weeks today (2-1-11) and I’m still waiting for a call from the breeder to say I can take him home. I’m goin’ crazy!!!

@Lyz - No my baby is only 6 weeks… I hand feed him. He is just getting some feathers… I have a LONG way to go b4 he/she is weaned.

If you’re willing to clip the toe yourself, you can send it in to get tested:

@ Pat - Wow… didn’t know I could do that… sounds scary… LOL I just contacted the breeder and told her I want the birds sexed by early next month… She said she can defininitly do Kix, my lovebird… but the Macaw she said she has to look at his feet… whatever that means… I ordered 2 blood cards from the site just in case.