Beak tapping? Help?

Hi I have a 2 year old green cheek conure and he likes to tap on the bars of his cage very early in the morning. He has not being doing this until recently. I would love if someone could give me an idea of why he does this, but also how can I stop it. I am loosing a lot of sleep and it would be great if someone has a solution for this problem.

Try covering the cage?

I cover his cage each night before I go to bed myself, I even tried putting a towel inside the cage, no luck though, he just went behind it.

Birds wake up earlier than most humans. He wants to get out of the cage when he wakes up.I trained my Lily to fly into the bathroom near her cage to wait for me to wake up every morning. I removed all of the doors on Lily’s sleeping cage. I have a white sheet over the cage, which she can get out from under easily. I always keep the bathroom window open for fresh air. Lily flies into the bathroom, roosts on my towel, waits until she hears my footsteps, then flies out onto my shouldder to greet me. She enjoys watching other birds’ activities on the vine tree on the fence outside the bathroom window. Some times she sings with the other birds.It took me about 10 days to train her. You have to know what time your bird wakes up. Get him from the cage and bring him to a room where you want him to wait and close the door. He will get use to this routine very fast. I trained my Lily to come out of the cage in the morning. I put her on a tree perch besides the cage. Told her to poop while on the perch. And then put her in the (bird friendly) bathroom. She does this all on her own now. I have a rather large house. I don’t want her to fly to anywhere to dump her big morning dropping.

Thanks! great ideas and tips! Sadly, I don’t think I can use them because he never comes out of my room due to the other animals in the house. I suppose I could leave his door open when I go to bed and he could just come out in the morning when he is ready to.

Please be careful if you leave the cage doors open with your parrot sleeping in the same room! There are several sad stories online from people who didn’t realize their parrots had joined them in bed, until they found their little bodies in the morning. No one wants to go through that.Sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh, but I read some of the stories recently and they all make me cry for the poor parront and bird who only wanted to be together.

Thanks, I actually just got out of bed this morning and opened his cage door up when I hear him tapping. He perched on the top of his cage for a bit but eventually went back to bed haha!