Behavior change in BE2

So last month I got a blue-eyed cockatoo and she had been rehomed once already so it was the second time she was getting rehomed. We bonded well and have a great relationship and still do. School started last week and during the weekend she wouldn’t step up on my hand anymore! She used to do it automatically without me even telling her. She has still been acting normal she talks a lot and eats and drinks normal. Everything is normal and her usual loud character is still the same but for the past few days she stopped stepping up on my hand and I don’t know why! Did I lose her trust because I went to school? But my mom is always at home and she likes my mom too so I don’t understand. She’s not totally alone and we also have another moluccan cockatoo so she isn’t the only one. Basically I don’t get what is wrong with her. She doesn’t have any behavior problems and she has never plucked any of her feathers so far so she shouldn’t be depressed. Her appetite is fine and everything is NORMAL but she just wont step up! Is there anything wrong with her? Or is she just not used to me not being home ? I read somewhere before that they notice minor changes such as hairstyle or even a beard that can make them act strange because they aren’t used to it so is it the same case with me ?

It really confuses them when there is a change in their schedule. Your lucky she did not punish you for being away. Not only will she adjust to the schedule but will learn to tell time and know when you are coming home. If I brake my usual schedule Rambo and Myrtle will both tell me about it.

Thank you! I’m glad she didn’t punish me too…I hope she will get used to it and thank you again for your reply.

Welcome to the forum, Turbo and friends! I doubt it was the change in schedule that did it because she has only been with you for one month so, in reality, she has not bonded with you (it usually takes months after the honeymoon period is over for this to happen) and she hasn’t really gotten used to anything yet (a month doesn’t do it). She is on her honeymoon period and that means that any behavior you see now does not necessarily have to be her behavior in the future. But now that you are going to school and have yourself a steady schedule, establish one that will not change for her and follow it faithfully (and that means every single day for the rest of your or her life, mind you!) but be careful you keep her at a strict solar schedule because all toos are hormonal birds.

She’s only 8 and a half months old so I’m not sure if she’s able to differentiate from a normal schedule? But anyways I do agree with you she might not have properly bonded with me yet. But she doesn’t listen to anyone else except me (she only behaves in front of my mom when I’m in the same room) so I don’t know. But thank you for your advice I’ll try to establish a proper schedule for us both to follow, thanks!

Oh, 8.5 months is a great age for a too! They are old enough to eat any kind of food but still young enough for them to learn to eat a wide variety so make sure she gets raw produce (one type of veggie, one type of fruit and one type of green -a different one each day) daily. And, at this age, they are still not producing any sexual hormones so you will be OK for the next 3 or 4 years - but this doesn’t mean you can keep her at a human light schedule or free-feed protein food, mind you! The only problem you might have is that, when she becomes sexually mature, she might no longer want you but don’t worry about that now.

It sounds like you got a smart one. Heaven help you. Rambo is very intelligent but Myrtle even plays mind games. If I am busy and ignoring her she will torment me until she brakes me down to do what she wants.Both my kids have high IQs but they never played me like Myrtle does.Good luck !

Ok I will try starting today! I have given her apples and corn before and she seems to like apples more. I will give her some veggies this week and see if she likes them. I’ll try to teach her some new tricks too haha … Thanks again both of you!

She is too young for you to start training her for tricks. She is barely a juvenile as it is and you need for her to become more self-assured and bonded to you before you start training or it will backfire on you. For now, ‘step up’, ‘step down’ and any other kind of cohabiting ‘rule’ will do. Don’t rush things or she will not respond right…

Cockatoos are very needy birds so she will probably start bonding with you very quickly. Gaining your birds love and trust is the most important thing that you can ever do as without it you will only have a big bundle of biting feathers that doesn’t like you and wants nothing to do with you. At this early of a stage in your relationship, winning her trust is really all you need to concentrate on other than teaching her what she needs to know in order to successfully co- habitate in your human family with you. You will have plenty of time for training after you establish a loving and trusting relationship with her. Just sharing my thoughts with you.