Best careers for a parrot owner?

Hey guys,This might seem a bit off topic but, what would be a good career for someone with a parrot? I have a plucking parrot, and working ye old 9-5 is not looking like it will do for me. I want something wherein I can have flexible hours and work from home, if not, something that is pet-friendly so I can bring Jacko along. Any ideas? At this point I am trying to figure out what to do post-secondary school and am almost done a creative arts degree, wanting something with creative writing. But I do not know if thats what I or Jacko need. I also love working with animals but with a PDD-possible bird if working in a vetrinary etc setting would be responsible for either the other animals or Jacko (would not want to bring something home to her).

Stay at home mom. Minus the kids.

Or a stay-at-home-dad

Don’t dismiss working with animals if you can find hours that suit. Loads of people who work in the animal industry have pets too. Just pay particular attention to hygeine and have a seperate set of clothes you keep at work solely for work and just bring them home to wash them, if you don’t want to risk that I’m sure you would be able to find a laundrette to wash your work clothes at so the only time your clothes are at home are when they are clean.

Sorry I dont have job answer for you .But i feel your pain [i have a plucking rosebreast 2] My boss would let me bring her to work.But I cant im a hairstylist [to many chemicals] Were trying everything .I hear once it becomes a habit its hard break.Her whole personality has changed [I miss my old Jennifer] Shes under vet care were trying anti anxiety med.Before the use of the collar.I think it would depress her. Let us know if you have any success.Take Care!

What kind of arts have you studied? Just writing or painting/drawing as well? Maybe you could look into becoming a teacher at a community college. Each of my classes is one night a week for three hours. I don’t think you could live on that income alone, but it’s a start.Also, you could look into teaching creative writing at online schools. I went through high school via an online charter school. In online schools, basically the teachers get paid by the government to work at home, answer my questions, and grade my papers. So you could work 9-5, but in comfy pajamas! You need to closely examine your skills and see what you can use to earn money. If you happen to play a musical instrument well, you can teach private lessons in your home - no degree required. If you’re a writer, actively work on writing projects and start trying to get published any way you can. (You won’t be able to live on this income right away, but every bit helps, right?!) Also look into freelance editing or becoming a copywriter. The Writers Digest has pretty cheap online classes and seminars about those two careers. I heard about an organization for writers called AWAI. It looks okay and it intrigued me, but I haven’t had time to investigate it and make sure it’s not some elaborate scam. If you check it out, let me know what you think! Good luck!

Become a starving artist? something you may want to consider is working nights… when the parrot is asleep… then, you’ll be home when they’re up… then, you’ll just have to schedule some sleep time in somewhere.I am lucky in that I work from home, but I believe my would be ok even if I didn’t…

Stay at home Welfare/Disability recipient? Better idea though would be NOT TO choose a career based on your parrot’s ‘needs’. Just a thought.

Lets see, I am a bird owner and…Work full time as a computer repair tech/IT consultant. M-F 9-5When I come home & on the weekends I work my 2nd full-time job which is running a non-profit reptile rescue & outreach education program. This of course involves caring for all the creatures on a daily basis as well as working with my birds. As I hope to include my macaw in some of my future outreach programs there is a minimum of about 20 minutes of 1-on-one training time with her everyday and of course the casual snuggles and hanging out while I complete my usual animal care (zoo) tasks.Honestly I don’t think there is a “best career for a parrot (or Pet) owner” These animals can be incredibly adaptable to different schedules and routines. I think the only career that doesn’t work with birds is an overnight shift… I can’t imagine trying to sleep during the day while my IRN lets out her usual screeching.