Bird annecdotes - share your funny stories/experiences!

first one I’ll share is being at a Petland store in Kamloops, BC. it wasn’t very busy and we started hearing a metal plink sound and then metal tinkle sounds. we started looking around and then someone shouted it was the Cockatoo. they were put in an insufficient cage and it was actually biting the metal bars and the tinkle sound we were hearing was the bars falling to the ground when they had bitten the same one again.

so remember to put your birds in bird appropriate cages! :smiley:

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Okay, so this is the story of me getting my first bird, this was on January 21st 2019 (he is still my only bird lol). Okay so I had spent MONTHS doing research my mom finally took me to Petco. in Ardmore OK. When we got there I went to the bird section where the Parakeets were.Then I looked and I saw him Apolo. I knew that he was the one. so we went to do stuff, and we came back bought him. Fast forward to the next day. I noticed his little birdie poops were dry which means he wasn’t drinking. So I put his water and food bowl on the floor of the cage he was to scared to come to it. Then I got the idea to wet my finger and stick it in the seed. So I did that and it worked. End of story, right? No, he is a mad lad and hopped on my finger! And now he like super loves me and I love him too. The End.

what is your bird, Danzig?

Parakeet (sorry for super late reply :frowning_face:)

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No worries (:slight_smile: