Bird-Approved Clothes?

So, I think we’ve all seen the denim shoulder-wrap/collar thing that you can hang bird toys on (do want), but does anyone else have particular clothes that your bird prefers over others?Akimi can’t get a very good grip on bare skin, so when she was exceptionally grouchy today - to the point of crawling into my shirt and picking a fight with my bra strap - I said screw it and put on a long-sleeve hoodie. Now that I’m covered in a fabric she can comfortably grip (and has a couple tantalizing drawstrings to play with), she’s been calm and affectionate. It’s like a switch flipped in her brain.I’ve been sitting here for the last several minutes just petting her and giving her beak rubs, while we make kissy noises at each other. This was pretty much exactly what I wanted in a bird, and suddenly I have it because I put on a freakin’ sweater (and, well, she’s been here about 10 days and is getting used to us). I have a feeling I’m going to be having a hotter summer than usual.