Bird domestication

Do you think that with centuries of further domestication, birds will be less wild and a bit more domestic like cats and dogs? Is this even possible? Just a thought I had. I’d appreciate any input!

I think that it’s possible but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m sure there are a couple breeders out there breeding for personality but with parrots it seems more like they breed for looks. Therefore, I think parrots aren’t going to get much more domesticated but different color variations are probably going to occur. It’s also possible that parrots as pets will become less common due to decrease in importation of parrots and the fact that a lot of parrots just aren’t being bred. This could be because they’re rescues, they would be bad breeders, their owners are against breeding, and awareness is spreading.

It’s going to take a long time. Like Eury said, birds are bred for color variations right now, not personality. On top of that, the nicest, friendliest birds are the ones sold to be pets, while the more wild ones are kept to breed. We’re really doing the opposite of domesticating right now.Birds also take a long time to mature and breed again. Generations between birds take around 3-7 years. The first parrots that would likely become domesticated are the ones that quick breeding and breed all year long, so probably budgies and cockatiels.I guess someone could make an argument that English budgies are domesticated. They’re certainly not encountered in the wild. But again their distinguishing characteristics are physical, not temperamental. They also have a shorter lifespan.

Agree with the other 2 replies, parrots are being bred for colour and appearence rather than health and temperaments.

Thanks for the replies! I definitely hope people may start breeding for personalities in the future.