Bird lover here

Uploading: BF480678-A5DF-43F9-A221-2A0F8B278D2B.jpeg… Uploading: 66844E02-31CB-4D15-9936-62B2DCA4902E.jpeg… Uploading: BA04FFE4-6AF8-4B52-8D68-3FF6424C3AF9.jpeg… Uploading: 0BDE7F75-FB75-4E3C-9B26-B8D5C4C10AFF.jpeg… Uploading: 7DFCDA68-1DE0-4E8D-81F6-B13C5B72C0ED.jpeg… Hi I’m Sonja, I have 7 birds
2 cockatiels
2 Sun conures
Golden Conure
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
African Grey

I don’t work and spend 90% of my time with my birds

Nice to meet y’all!

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: so glad to have you as a user and fellow bird lover!! :bird: