Bird ruining his feathers, should I take him to a vet?

So I have a pineapple Conure, about one year old, not sure of the gender. His diet consists of mainly pellet’s and seeds with fruit and veg every one or two days.
So a few days ago I noticed a weird sound coming from his beak like a grinding, (he was chilling on my shorts whilst I was on my phone) and I looked down and noticed he was almost cutting or damaging his feathers. He was acting slightly weird in the past few days, just flying randomly going to weird places, avoiding me a few times which was weird cause he is really protective of me.
I was worried he was feather plucking but not sure if what he did counts as he didn’t rip his feathers out but damaged them(attached photos). Beyond this he looks and feels slightly skinnier but I may be paranoid. His poop is normal and he has been eating his regular amount.
Thing is my parents were the type of people who bought the bird on a whim for my little brother, honestly they would either leave it in the cage all day or get rid of him by this point but he and I became super close so I have been looking after him. Point is they refuse to take him to the vet as they don’t think anything is wrong and I don’t know if I am over reacting like I sometimes do and I am a novice bird owner. So I have reached out whether this behavior warrants me taking him to an avian vet (about 22 minute drive) or if I am overreacting.

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Hey there!

My cockatiel Morty did the exact same thing. It would be good for him and you to visit an avian vet. Morty is an EXTREMELY nervous bird and he was so stressed it was making his immune system not work right. He also basically started mutliating his flight feathers and skin on his wing. We aren’t sure if he will ever be fly at this point it’s a waiting game! I would take him before it gets worse! Hope this helps!!

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First off, thank you for caring enough to ask the community and thanking you for giving that baby some love.

A life in a cage without interaction is horrible for these beautiful creatures. It would be horrible for any living thing.

I think it is great that you are giving the bird pellets. It’s a great start just make sure it’s eating them. If it was on a seed diet before you may have to wean him onto the pellets.

The best thing to do is to take that baby to the vet for a checkup and to voice your concern. You are not overacting at all. Rule of thumb I tell everyone who owns an animal: if you have to ask “should I take them to vet “ then that means you should.

Not trying to be rude just trying to give good advice. :smiley:

Thank you for loving that baby and not letting him/her be stuck in a cage 24/7

Thank you all for your help and warm welcome! I was able to get a booking at a bird vet only 20 minutes away and my dad agreed to take me (would have happened tomorrow!) Now here is the bad news, my dad today lost his cool and started yelling like always because he wanted me afterwards to go with him and dig a trench at our cousins house(someone who has stuffed us over in the past) for about 4 hcurs, missing out on dinner, relaxing etx and have Pablo in the car the entire time in a small box after a vet visits. Now I am have spent years doing rubbish like this for him and know why he is actually going their so after we finished fighting I agreed but him being him he told me to get stuffed and so my only chance was my mother. Her also being her she refused because 5:00 in the afternoon is to early for her easy life where she doesn’t have a job and makes me and my brother do a lot of the cleaning. They also not too subtly warned me what would happen if I took a taxi etc so I was forced to cancel. Luckily I was able to successfully reschedule to Monday (4 days away) at 3:30. He has continued some of the biting and ripping his feathers, I have him out as much as possible but I am still worried.