BIRD Secret Santa)

Hey everyone,Christmas is just around the corner and many of us like to include our pets in the festive so I was wondering if anyone would like to do a "Secret" santa but for our beloved Birds? If you have never done the "secret SANTA" how this works is each person is matched up with someone and they buy someone a gift (in this case a gift for a selected bird!) things such as a bird toy or treat!) There is just a FEW general rules to Join the BIRD Secret Santa- 1) YOU are not allowed to put your name on The gift you send or the Postage (please just put From SS and your Address)2) This is Between CANADA AND AMERICAN only (due to the cost of postage (sorry to other countries)3) ADDRESS MUST be handed in No later then NOV 13 2013 and gifts must be out by DEC 2 20134) ONLY sign up if you are 100% committed to Sending a Gift out!!!5) YOU MAY ENTER 2 BIRDS (AS LONG AS i can get enough people to do the SS)PLEASE E-MAIL TO I need the following info- ALONG WITH YOUR HOME ADDRESS- THE SPENDING ALLOW MAX is 30 dollars (if you wish to spend more you may) HOME-made toys are very much welcome!!!1) Your Name/You Bird(s)Bird(s) Age2) Bird Breed(s)3)Bird(s) Favourite Treats/favourite food(s)4) Favourite Music (Bird(s)5) Bird(s) Dislike(s)6)is there anything your bird currently need(s (toy wise or anything eles…7) Would you be interested in receiving a training Cd/book/dvd instead or treat or toy (yes/no)8) is there anything eles you feel your Secret Santa needs to know about your Bird?I look forward to hearing from you all,Dannielle W (and Cleo & Ella)